Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Well, it is back to reality here. Temperatures back in the 50's. But its all good. It is still March by the way. I can see the green popping through still, the hostas coming up, the buds on the trees. The new season is upon us and I'm embracing it.

I did so enjoy those days of summer last week. The kids outside soaking up that sun, staying out until the darkness of night. Just trying to enjoy every last bit of warmth. It was a nice taste of what is to come.

So right now I will still enjoy warm cups of tea, sweatshirts, maybe a fire at night, but I think its finally time to maybe put those fleece sheets away back in storage....maybe just keep the flannel ones on for a bit longer.....:)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Good morning sunshine! It's going to be a beautiful week here. Forecast calls for 70 degree weather, possibly hitting 80 by the end of the week! Just makes me nervous for what April might bring......but for now I will continue to enjoy this beautiful weather!

This time of year I just love.  It really gives me an energized feeling. Opening up the windows, letting that warm breeze flow in with that fresh air.  It makes me want to clean, organize, plan out my garden for the upcoming season.  So many possibilities.....I cannot wait to get started. Enjoy a wonderful week :)

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Spring Preview

Can  you see it?? See those little tiny buds popping their little heads out. Its as if they are saying , "Hello world!"  I see them and my how happy I am to see them. So happy to hear those birds chirping and flowers blooming. Yup, its that time of year. Time to get outside and clean out those flower beds that have been laying dormant all winter long.

I am ready for this new season, ready to plan my days outside, plan my garden crops and just enjoy! Welcome Spring :)

Friday, March 9, 2012

So tonight I thought we would have a quiet night at home, maybe watch a movie or play a game. But it didn't quite work out that way.  My middle daughter had a friend over until late, then she felt sick and has since thrown up twice :( My son is watching his own movie and apparently does not want to be bothered. My husband is down in the basement watching a basketball game and my youngest is sound asleep in her comfy big girl bed.

So here I am up in my sitting room with a cup of tea, (with of course my side-kick Max, our chocolate lab) pondering the days events.....

Well, I had good intentions anyway:)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Spring is coming!

Spring is almost here, I can feel it! The days are getting longer, the birds are chirping, looking for nests to have their new offspring. The daffodils and crocuses are popping their heads out as if to say hello to this new season. Although the calendar still says March and you never know what March can bring weather wise?  I feel the new season coming and I can’t wait. It has felt like spring already around here. Thursday the temperature should reach 70 degrees! Ahhh, my kind of weather!

By the weekend though reality will set in and the temps will fall back into the 50’s but I know that spring weather is right around the corner. So I decided to bring a little spring inside my house. Exchange the Christmas/ winter flower arrangements with more vibrant and bright colors. Put the winter candles away and replace with a Lilac fragrance. Swap out those winter, leaf covered pillow covers with some soft flowery ones. And last but not least (which I’m not quite sure I’m totally ready for this….) But in time I will replace those warm, fleecy sheets on my bed with regular cotton ones.  But I still have time for that right????

Spring is coming and I am looking forward to its arrival J