Friday, September 14, 2012

The new season

Well, it has been a busy summer. I really have to say that I enjoyed myself this summer, took some much needed time off from really everything..... Was not what I had originally planned but so it was. I took time off to spend with my family, ponder, read (boy did I read!) I haven't read that much in years! It was definitely a nice break and very relaxing. We definitely took the phrase "The lazy days of summer" literally! But all in all, it was what this family of mine needed.

So, now back to the routine of things. School, homework, after-school activities. I do like the routine again so to speak, I believe we were ready. I always feel like September is a time to start anew. New school year, new school supplies, get the new calendars ready for the upcoming new year. This is when I purchase my new calendars, start marking them up already with school days off and activities already planned into the new year.

The kids bought some new school supplies and I myself bought some new calendars and a new journal. Just the perfect time I think. Well, I hope everyone had a wonderful summer and is excited about the new season approaching. I am ready.....

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Loving this time of year! Busy as it is with school coming to an end, activities finishing up, end of year concerts and plays, championship games and end of year parties. Now I am looking forward to the lazy days of summer! Maybe not so lazy but definitely less scheduled as during the school year. We have a vacation coming up soon and my am I so looking forward to that. A time to relax with family.  My family is so excited for this upcoming vacation. And I as well......

My garden is starting to really come to life out there. We have had much rain here the past few days which is apparently just what this garden of mine needed. Looking forward to the first harvest! And how I love just sitting outside on the deck and looking at my honeysuckle grow, it took some time but it seems to like its new spot :)
Hope you all are enjoying the beginning of the summer!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

If you can dream it, you can make it so!

I don't know who quoted that but I need to place that on my computer so that I can look at that everyday and realize that Yes, I can do it! It is so hard sometimes to realize that YOU CAN accomplish your goals and dreams. Especially when being a mother. We are so consumed with our motherly role that sometimes our dreams fall to the wayside.

We fall into a life of self-sacrifice as we enter the stage of motherhood. Our children come first which is the way it should be. But we also need to reclaim that strong sense of our own self, our needs, and our dreams.

We must learn to find that balance between self-sacrifice and self-care. It is a hard balance to find, how do you find that balance?

Friday, April 20, 2012

"Refuse to waste energy in worrying and you will have strength to spare."
                                                                               ~Anonymous what a fitting quote right now.

 I was working at a great hospital years ago in the Short Procedure Unit. Many people came through that area daily, some with little worry, coming in for a minor procedure but many others not so. A major surgery scheduled, some waiting for answers that will only be determined after surgery. I  remember the concern and uncertainty on the faces of these people, the worry and fear of what is to come. I would calmly reassure them of what to expect, hold their hand, answer their questions to the best of my knowledge.

But one of the things I remember so vividly was a huge poster hanging on the wall of the unit. On it was a very large picture of a rocking chair, an old wood rocking  chair and next to it were the words, " Worrying is like a rocking chair, you just keep rocking and rocking but not getting anywhere"....I wish I knew who said that quote. I think of that quote often and how fitting it was for that area where I worked at the time. All these many people worrying about their surgeries, the outcomes,  their recovery times , etc.

I only hoped that that quote and the reassurance that I tried to bestow upon them brought them some reprieve from their worrying.  I always reminded them to look at that poster. I wish I had a copy of that poster today......

Friday, April 13, 2012

Did you ever feel so "unbalanced", that things in life were just "too full" at the moment? That you need to find that even keel to get things back on track?  How do you find balance again in your life? Is it through inspiring quotes, time spent with family, organizing the things in life that are in disarray? Sometimes things in life do just get too full, too much going on at once. You can feel it within your whole family.  Sometimes you just need to take a step back and reevaluate your surroundings, take a good look at what is around you and try and put things back in order to create that balance that we all so deserve and need in our lives. Take a look at the kids schedules, your schedule and revamp that in a way that is doable and enjoyable so life just doesn't keep on passing by.
Keep "being present", my motto for 2012 .....I need to "be present" in all things to keep my life in balance! Now on to fix that scale of mine....

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Life is so full at the moment....busy planning, working, entertaining, relaxing with friends and family...just being! Here it is the second week of April. My does the time go so fast anymore....

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Well, it is back to reality here. Temperatures back in the 50's. But its all good. It is still March by the way. I can see the green popping through still, the hostas coming up, the buds on the trees. The new season is upon us and I'm embracing it.

I did so enjoy those days of summer last week. The kids outside soaking up that sun, staying out until the darkness of night. Just trying to enjoy every last bit of warmth. It was a nice taste of what is to come.

So right now I will still enjoy warm cups of tea, sweatshirts, maybe a fire at night, but I think its finally time to maybe put those fleece sheets away back in storage....maybe just keep the flannel ones on for a bit longer.....:)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Good morning sunshine! It's going to be a beautiful week here. Forecast calls for 70 degree weather, possibly hitting 80 by the end of the week! Just makes me nervous for what April might bring......but for now I will continue to enjoy this beautiful weather!

This time of year I just love.  It really gives me an energized feeling. Opening up the windows, letting that warm breeze flow in with that fresh air.  It makes me want to clean, organize, plan out my garden for the upcoming season.  So many possibilities.....I cannot wait to get started. Enjoy a wonderful week :)

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Spring Preview

Can  you see it?? See those little tiny buds popping their little heads out. Its as if they are saying , "Hello world!"  I see them and my how happy I am to see them. So happy to hear those birds chirping and flowers blooming. Yup, its that time of year. Time to get outside and clean out those flower beds that have been laying dormant all winter long.

I am ready for this new season, ready to plan my days outside, plan my garden crops and just enjoy! Welcome Spring :)

Friday, March 9, 2012

So tonight I thought we would have a quiet night at home, maybe watch a movie or play a game. But it didn't quite work out that way.  My middle daughter had a friend over until late, then she felt sick and has since thrown up twice :( My son is watching his own movie and apparently does not want to be bothered. My husband is down in the basement watching a basketball game and my youngest is sound asleep in her comfy big girl bed.

So here I am up in my sitting room with a cup of tea, (with of course my side-kick Max, our chocolate lab) pondering the days events.....

Well, I had good intentions anyway:)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Spring is coming!

Spring is almost here, I can feel it! The days are getting longer, the birds are chirping, looking for nests to have their new offspring. The daffodils and crocuses are popping their heads out as if to say hello to this new season. Although the calendar still says March and you never know what March can bring weather wise?  I feel the new season coming and I can’t wait. It has felt like spring already around here. Thursday the temperature should reach 70 degrees! Ahhh, my kind of weather!

By the weekend though reality will set in and the temps will fall back into the 50’s but I know that spring weather is right around the corner. So I decided to bring a little spring inside my house. Exchange the Christmas/ winter flower arrangements with more vibrant and bright colors. Put the winter candles away and replace with a Lilac fragrance. Swap out those winter, leaf covered pillow covers with some soft flowery ones. And last but not least (which I’m not quite sure I’m totally ready for this….) But in time I will replace those warm, fleecy sheets on my bed with regular cotton ones.  But I still have time for that right????

Spring is coming and I am looking forward to its arrival J

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day!

Well it's Leap Day today!! Go out and do something adventerous, fun or spontaneous!
This day only comes once every four years, make it special! Do something for someone, pay it forward or do something that will make you remember this special day!

I only have half a day left.....onto making it special :)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Well my son decided last night that he did not want to play soccer anymore. What, I thought?  He has been playing soccer since the tender young age of 4 and he is now 13. That is 9 years of playing soccer. That has been a ritual around here come fall and spring. Sitting on the sidelines cheering him on. Watching him score goals and block kicks. I always so enjoyed watching him play.

But he is on to better things I suppose. He wants to concentrate on playing basketball year round. I love to watch him play basketball as well.  After all he is 6'2 already! Basketball I think suits him well and he loves it! I guess I'm just realizing that he is old enough to make his own choices so to speak.  He wants to concentrate on one sport which I think is very profound of him. 

I guess my reasoning for being disappointed is not that he is giving up soccer as a sport but that I guess I'm seeing a chapter of his childhood closing. A chapter that we have been following for 9 years! That's a long time. We have made many friends over these  years playing soccer. Friends that I'm sure we will still see at times.  I will hold on to those fond memories of cheering our children on. He has been with the same friends on his team for so long. I know he will miss them too.  Now we will be following his basketball which is exciting and new. I look back when he was just a wee 4 year old chasing that ball down the field and it just brings back many memories, fun, wonderful memories.

I know there will be memories to make now and more to come but I see my young one growing up so fast. People say enjoy them when they are young as they do grow so fast. My, how true that is.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Skiing weekend

This past weekend we took the two older kids skiing. What fun we had. We struggled with the idea of bringing the youngest but decided it was best to wait another year.  Although we saw many youngsters flying down the hills with their parents.  I think next year she will be a little older and of age to take a lesson or two.

It was a beautiful day there up in the mountains. Not too cold, not much wind with some beautiful bright sunshine. The kids had a wonderful time. It was my son's second time trying out snowboarding and my, how impressed I was. He seemed to pick it up so fast and was flying down the hills along with us. It amazes me how quick kids can pick up a sport.  My daughter and I stayed on the smaller hills and my son and husband ventured out on the more advanced hills.  A fun day had by all!

I love the mountains! It is so beautiful up there and I feel a sense of peace and calmness up the mountains.  Someone said once that they could almost hear God up there as they are that much closer to him. I believe it. I had many chances to "be present" in the moment as I glided down the hill so swiftly, as I took in the sights at the very top waiting for us all to get together to venture down that hill.  Even on the ski lift I could take in the moment, the quiteness, the still of the woods, the breathtaking views of the mountains.  All pure joy! What a great day we had!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Quote of the day

Just taking a moment to post a quote. There are so many people affected by that dreaded word "cancer". So many people that I know personally and those who I don't know but feel like I know through this blogging world.

My wish for them is comfort, strengh, and the will to fight and beat this awful disease.

"Refuse to waste energy on worrying and you will have strength to spare"

As hard as it is not to worry about what is to come, I believe that trying to be present in the moment and having that strengh to move forward is what will heal. Keep being positive! I pray for you all!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


It's been so long since I posted! Things have been busy busy around here! The kids seem to have us going between basketball practice, games, gymnastics and homework. But all is good! It brings me to this post though about how people fit it all in. I just feel so overwhelmed at times with all the responsibilities that being a mom brings. Don't get me wrong I LOVE being the one to care for my kids, help them with their homework, watch their games and activities. I wouldn't have it any other way. But how do some moms find time for their own interests? That is where I struggle. I think it has come to the point that I don't even know what my interests are! Doesn't that sound crazy?

There are plenty of moms out there who have three, four, even five kids, who work outside the home, keep a clean, organized house, raise kids who are well-mannered and still find the time to craft, take a yoga class or write a book/blog etc... How do they do it? I think for myself something would have to give! Maybe its my personality, I don't know? But I think I am going to make that one of my goals this year. To try and find some "me-time". I'm not suggesting I'm going write a book this year. Why, I would love too but I think that is a little far fetched for this time in my life. I'm talking small mini-goals. For example I am going to get up a little earlier each morning, before the kids get up and take some time for myself. Even though I am so not a morning person, but I think this might do me a well of good! Get my cup of tea and just sit, meditate maybe, think, read. Just something for myself!

How do you fit it all in?

Monday, January 16, 2012

A word for the New Year!

It seems that nowadays everyone has a word that they pick for the New Year. A word that represents them or a word that they choose to live by. It's a different word every year. I think that this year I will follow along. My word for this year I choose is to "be present".  I think it is a fitting word for me. A word that I definitely want to live  by.

I want to be present in everything I do. It is sort of like a mini-resolution but it is in all just a "word".
But a word that means something. This year I'm choosing to be present.

To be present when my children talk to me, to stop and look them in the eye, to really listen, not make dinner or open the mail.

To be present with my little one, to sit and play puzzles with her, or color and not catch up on my emails or be in another place thinking of my to-do list.

To be present with my husband, to sit on the couch with him at night and snuggle, or just watch TV, not surfing the Internet or catch up on my reading.

To be present with my family, to take the time to sit and listen, to listen what they are saying, not rushing them off the phone to move on to the next task at hand.

To be present in all I do in my life, not multitask with everything like us moms have been so accustomed to do. To really be present whether it is doing laundry or washing dishes, just to be present in the moment and take it all in!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Happy New Year!

A New Year is upon us! I particularly love this time of year! I feel like it is a fresh start for all. The hustle and bustle of the holidays are behind us and now we can focus on the new year ahead. I was once one of those people come January 1st would conjure up all my resolutions for the upcoming year. I would excitedly write them all down and get to work! I would have the usual, eat better, exercise more, spend more quality time with my husband and kids....

But you know what, the past few years I have decided to approach the upcoming year differently. Oh I still have my resolutions but let's just say I don't call them resolutions me they are more like small intentions to make me feel better about my health, life.  Of course we all want to eat better, exercise more, spend more time with our family etc...

So, they really are just intentions to be a better person for myself. Those are things I should be doing already, right??
Honestly, for years those were my same resolutions. It's not like I never accomplished them. I did try to eat better and exercise more and spend more quality time with my family. Some years were better than others.

But I feel like a resolution is a WILL to change, a determination to resolve to do something different.... So this year what do I want to change? What do I want to do differently than I have done in the past?

I'm going to take some time and really focus on myself, my life and my future. What is it that I want to work on.....Got a whole new year to work on it!!