Thursday, February 23, 2012

Skiing weekend

This past weekend we took the two older kids skiing. What fun we had. We struggled with the idea of bringing the youngest but decided it was best to wait another year.  Although we saw many youngsters flying down the hills with their parents.  I think next year she will be a little older and of age to take a lesson or two.

It was a beautiful day there up in the mountains. Not too cold, not much wind with some beautiful bright sunshine. The kids had a wonderful time. It was my son's second time trying out snowboarding and my, how impressed I was. He seemed to pick it up so fast and was flying down the hills along with us. It amazes me how quick kids can pick up a sport.  My daughter and I stayed on the smaller hills and my son and husband ventured out on the more advanced hills.  A fun day had by all!

I love the mountains! It is so beautiful up there and I feel a sense of peace and calmness up the mountains.  Someone said once that they could almost hear God up there as they are that much closer to him. I believe it. I had many chances to "be present" in the moment as I glided down the hill so swiftly, as I took in the sights at the very top waiting for us all to get together to venture down that hill.  Even on the ski lift I could take in the moment, the quiteness, the still of the woods, the breathtaking views of the mountains.  All pure joy! What a great day we had!

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