Friday, September 14, 2012

The new season

Well, it has been a busy summer. I really have to say that I enjoyed myself this summer, took some much needed time off from really everything..... Was not what I had originally planned but so it was. I took time off to spend with my family, ponder, read (boy did I read!) I haven't read that much in years! It was definitely a nice break and very relaxing. We definitely took the phrase "The lazy days of summer" literally! But all in all, it was what this family of mine needed.

So, now back to the routine of things. School, homework, after-school activities. I do like the routine again so to speak, I believe we were ready. I always feel like September is a time to start anew. New school year, new school supplies, get the new calendars ready for the upcoming new year. This is when I purchase my new calendars, start marking them up already with school days off and activities already planned into the new year.

The kids bought some new school supplies and I myself bought some new calendars and a new journal. Just the perfect time I think. Well, I hope everyone had a wonderful summer and is excited about the new season approaching. I am ready.....

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