Friday, December 2, 2011

How to keep balance during the holiday season!

The holidays are here! Christmas parties are scheduled, family visits are planned, shopping excursions, cookie parties...the list goes on and on. The holidays bring such excitement!! But I need to find some balance this holiday season. I want to keep the holidays special and embrace that magic but still have energy left and time for fun!

Focus on what really matters:

Being together.....
It should not be about how exquisite your house is decorated, how many cookies you bake, or how many holiday parties you attend or throw. The focus should be on being together with the people who mean the most to you. Focus on the quality of time together with your friends and family.

Keep things simple....
Dinner/ parties do not have to be over the top celebrations.  If your stressing over how you are going to fit 25 people for a sit down dinner, have it buffet style.  You can still have a beautiful holiday dinner buffet style.  Don't stress, delegate side dishes, make simple deserts or hey, if you have the means have it catered from you local big box supermarket!

I have definitely streamlined some of my holiday decorating. A house can still look festive without all of the million snowmen, Santa clauses and miniature Christmas trees.  I love a good jolly ol' snowman but this year some of them will remain in the storage box. A house can look just as decorative with some poinsettias and pots of amaryllis!

Enjoying family.....
Don't take your family for granted. Family is one of the greatest gifts. But don't feel like you have to see everyone over two days.  Spread it out if you can.  You can plan a get-together before Christmas, the week between Christmas and New Years or you can make the New Year a time to get together.  What a way to kick off the New Year with a family get-together!

Think about the reasons we celebrate Christmas, the magic it brings and the blessings that surround each and everyone of us! Enjoy your holiday season! Find balance in your celebrations and enjoy the moments!

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