Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas is almost here!

Wow! Can you believe Christmas is only 3 days away? I say this every year but this year especially really flew by. Believe it or not I am pretty much ready for Christmas this year. It is very surprising to me as usually I am one of those people last minute shopping or staying up until midnight Christmas Eve finishing my wrapping. So, I am feeling pretty good this year. Don't get me wrong I still have my house to clean and get
ready for the company that will be joining us on Christmas Day for dinner but for the most part (as far as shopping and wrapping go) I can officially say that I am done!

It is really a great feeling. I feel like I can enjoy these last few days before Christmas. Maybe I will bake with the kids or create a gingerbread house. Maybe just relax by the fire with some hot cocoa and watch a Christmas movie. The days prior have been so hectic with shopping, wrapping, school shows and parties. It will be nice to just sit back and relax. I hope each and everyone of you can enjoy this Christmas with your nearest and dearest family and friends. I wish you peace and joy. Spend the day with the people who mean the most! Merry Christmas!

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